Suckler beef future remains strong in Ireland

Suckler beef future remains strong in Ireland

Teagasc’s director has outlined his vision and commitment for Ireland’s suckler sector.

“I think there is a very strong future for suckler farming in Ireland. It’s a very important industry,” said Professor Frank O’Mara.

“We have 70,000 suckler farmers in the country. They produce a very high-quality product and make an important contribution to every parish in rural Ireland.”

Prof O’Mara said the authority was aware of a demand for the product and the challenges of profitability but described it as a “very resilient sector.”

A new Knowledge Transfer programme – a Future Beef programme to support sustainable suckler production, will be introduced by Teagasc this year. 

The Future Beef Programme will be the new Teagasc beef demonstration farm programme consisting of 22 suckler and beef farms across the regions. The programme will be managed by a cattle specialist and have two advisors over the next five years. 

Addressing concerns raised by beef farmers in recent weeks, Teagasc Authority chair Liam Herlihy, gave his backing, saying he would continue to work proactively.

“The Teagasc Authority remains committed to suckler beef farms, and to making the necessary investments in research, education and advisory to deliver the services we provide to cattle producers,” Mr Herlihy added. 

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