Mexican market opens its doors for £50m of British pork imports

Mexican market opens its doors for £50m of British pork imports

The Mexican market is now open for British pork for the first time, which means a potential boost of £50 million over the first five years of trade.

British farmers and food producers are set to benefit from access to a valuable new market, as Mexico has now officially opened its doors to British pork for the first time. British exporters can now tap into this brand-new market, which boasts high demand for high quality pork meat. 

Global UK pork exports were worth over £421 million to our economy in 2020, reaching 75 export markets worldwide. According to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, access to the Mexican market alone is estimated to be worth £50 million to UK pork producers over the first five years of trade. 

Defra Secretary of State George Eustice said: “It is great to see another market open its doors to high quality, high welfare UK produce.”

He added: “This is a significant development, which will reinforce our global reputation for quality food and drink.”

UK deputy chief veterinary officer Dr. Richard Irvine said: “The UK is proud of our high standards of food safety and the quality of food we are able to produce.

“Gaining access for the export of British pork to Mexico represents yet another success for British Industry and continues to enhance our global reputation for excellence.”

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