‘Ag Mental Health Week’ runs from 10 October

'Ag Mental Health Week' runs from 10 October

Ireland’s second annual ‘Ag Mental Health Week’ starts on Sunday 10 October, which is the same day as World Mental Health Day.

‘Ag Mental Health Week’ will feature daily social media posts, with wellbeing tips and panel discussions that explore mental health issues from different perspectives.

To mark the week anyone connected to the agriculture industry is invited to take a one-mile walk or run on 13 October. 

Ag Mental Health Week was founded in 2020 by Co. Cork dairy farmers Peter and Paula Hynes to address the issue of mental health within the agriculture industry.

“Amid the rising pressures of farm management while often supporting a family, farmers are particularly susceptible to poor mental health,” organisers said.

“Ag Mental Health Week will take place from October 10-16, with an aim to reduce the stigma around suicide and mental health and highlight the importance of prioritising mental well-being”

Organisers hope the activity will unite the ag community around the world and highlight the importance of taking breaks, enjoying nature and clearing our minds.

Related charities are urged to participate in the week by planning events and making a positive difference by hosting a fundraiser for their local support services. 

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