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LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart – 09/07/2024

LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart – 03/11/2023

Tuesday selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions


Avg Price/Kg
SHEEP 0.77/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
SHEEP, 57kg 1.72/kg 98.00
SHEEP, 54kg 0.56/kg 30.00
SHEEP, 54kg 0.04/kg 2.00

EWE 40-50KG

Avg Price/Kg
EWE 1.36/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
EWE, 48kg 1.71/kg 82.00
EWE, 49kg 1.35/kg 66.00
EWE, 49kg 1.02/kg 50.00

EWE 50-60KG

Avg Price/Kg
EWE 1.60/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
EWE, 56kg 2.58/kg 144.00
EWE, 55kg 2.22/kg 122.00
EWE, 59kg 1.90/kg 112.00
EWE, 56kg 1.82/kg 102.00
EWE, 57kg 1.58/kg 90.00
EWE, 50kg 1.56/kg 78.00

EWE 60-70KG

Avg Price/Kg
EWE 1.74/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
EWE, 65kg 1.91/kg 124.00
EWE, 62kg 1.84/kg 114.00
EWE, 64kg 1.80/kg 116.00
EWE, 69kg 1.40/kg 96.00

EWE 70-80KG

Avg Price/Kg
EWE 1.62/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
EWE, 77kg 1.66/kg 128.00
EWE, 70kg 1.57/kg 110.00

HOGG 40-50KG

Avg Price/Kg
HOGG 2.48/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
HOGG, 49kg 2.67/kg 130.00
HOGG, 49kg 2.29/kg 112.00

HOGG 50-60KG

Avg Price/Kg
HOGG 2.85/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
HOGG, 58kg 3.59/kg 208.00
HOGG, 58kg 3.37/kg 194.00
HOGG, 59kg 3.34/kg 198.00
HOGG, 56kg 3.27/kg 182.00
HOGG, 54kg 3.06/kg 166.00
HOGG, 58kg 2.84/kg 164.00

HOGG 60-70KG

Avg Price/Kg
HOGG 2.67/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
HOGG, 60kg 3.17/kg 190.00
HOGG, 66kg 3.10/kg 204.00
HOGG, 67kg 3.04/kg 204.00
HOGG, 63kg 3.00/kg 190.00
HOGG, 66kg 2.95/kg 194.00
HOGG, 62kg 2.77/kg 172.00

HOGG 70-80KG

Avg Price/Kg
HOGG 2.81/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
HOGG, 71kg 2.82/kg 200.00

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